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In touch with innovation: talking to GraphyStories

Wednesday, August 16, 2017      Future Media Lab. team       0


The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog with a series of Q&A’s that were conducted with media start-ups from across Europe. In this edition, we spoke with Antoine Gounel, the founder of GraphyStories in Belgium. GraphyStories is a new and social media monitoring tool for brands and media publishers. In the last 6 months, the company was awarded as best Social media & influencer marketing technology by IAB France and became Technology Partner of Amazon AWS for its ability to manage cloud and big data infrastructure.


Future Media Lab.: What is the main idea behind your startup?

Antoine Gounel: GraphyStories is a news and social media monitoring technology for media publishers and brands. Our objective is to provide journalists, chief editors, and social media professionals pre-viral stories and key insights about the performance of their websites and social media accounts.


FMLab.: What observation kicked off your project?

AG: There is more and more content that is published on the web and on social networks. Content marketing professionals need a tool to retrieve, host, analyze and visualize the data that really matter to them. Today, most of them are using the same tools as their audience to get informed: Twitter, Facebook and Google News. By creating a tool for professionals featuring custom algorithms and indicators, GraphyStories help them curate big volumes of data and create richer editorial strategies on their own


FMLab.: What is your added value to media companies in content curation/dissemination/monetization?

AG: We collaborate with 4000 journalists and 500 media companies in Europe, like Eurosport, National Geographic, RTBF, M6, Lemonde, Lefigaro, Persgroep, Sanoma, etc. Our added value is to offer a one-stop application with all the stories and all the statistics of the Web and Facebook. By detecting pre-viral stories and best practices in content and social media management, our users can improve their frequency of publication, average number of interactions per post and the traffic redirected to their website. GraphyStories increases content consumption and improve the recommendation of promising content to editorialize.


FMLab.: How (if at all) could established media companies and innovative startups/projects best collaborate over content creation? 

AG: As a startup, we managed to collaborate with the maximum number of Media groups because we have created a SaaS solution. This type of Business Model allows us to decrease the technology costs and split it over multiple customers. In the past, we managed to collaborate as an agency but for much more expensive budgets and it took longer for everyone to see the benefits of the collaboration as everything needed to be built from scratch. Now all my customers are investing less money in a better product and this lasts longer as their performance are here now.


FMLab.: What is your next big challenge/goal?

AG: Our next big challenge is to go on innovating as quickly as the social networks and our competitors are.
The technology is improving, server costs are decreasing, more and more data can be analysed and recommended to media companies. We need to keep on integrating more sources, more content formats, and help our users visualize the best of it on any device.



Editor’s note: The Future Media Lab. recently teamed up with next media accelerator to publish a compendium of start-ups from across Europe who are working on solving some of the challenges facing the media sector today, particularly around content creation, monetization, dissemination and curation. Many of the start-ups were present to ‘pitch’ their solutions at the Future Media Lab. annual conference , which took place in Brussels on 2 May 2017. A digital version of the compendium is available for download (pdf) here.

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