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In touch with innovation: talking to Perspective Daily

Wednesday, July 19, 2017      Future Media Lab. team       0


The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog with a series of Q&A’s that were conducted with media start-ups from across Europe. In this edition, we spoke with Maren Urner and Han Langeslag, the founders of Perspective Daily in Germany. Perspective Daily is the first German online media company that brings its members solutions-oriented reporting using constructive journalism. It focuses on societal problems and possible solutions in a way that engages and empowers readers.


Future Media Lab.: What is the main idea behind your startup?

Maren Urner and Han Langeslag: Our aim is to create evidence-based journalism that is built on trust and reports about the challenges of our times. Also we are addressing the questions: What now? What can be done? To build trust, we are financed by our members instead of by advertising.

FMLab.: What observation kicked off your project?

MU and HL: The fact that the media fails to provide a fuller picture of reality by focusing on what's not working, thereby leaving audiences with a too negative world-view, as well as stressed and paralyzed. Furthermore, big societal issues - first and foremost climate change followed and related by poverty and global inequality - are strongly under-reported. 

FMLab.: How (if at all) could established media companies and innovative startups/projects best collaborate over content creation?

MU and HL: So far, we have minimal experiences collaborating with other media companies. However, we work with many freelance journalists.
In order to be able to truly cooperate, many journalists (and media companies) need to put their egos aside - that is to a large extend of the biggest challenges with many more traditional journalists. Also, it is important to use more expert knowledge in content creation. 


FMLab.: What is your next big challenge/goal?
MU and HL: To grow our impact based on three important ingredients. First, a growing member-base, second, an increased reach beyond our members (we use a leaky paywall such that articles can be read by anybody) and third, the technical improvement of our website including more audio and video formats.



Editor’s note: The Future Media Lab. recently teamed up with next media accelerator to publish a compendium of start-ups from across Europe who are working on solving some of the challenges facing the media sector today, particularly around content creation, monetization, dissemination and curation. Many of the start-ups were present to ‘pitch’ their solutions at the Future Media Lab. annual conference , which took place in Brussels on 2 May 2017. A digital version of the compendium is available for download (pdf) here.

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