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12 Nov 13 (Disabled)

During the "Understanding Disruption" conference in April 2013, the Future Media Lab. had the opportunity to sit down and talk about the future of media with William Higham, Consumer strategist, futurist and author. William is the managing director of The Next Big Thing, a forecasting and strategy consultancy in the UK.

15 Oct 13 0

In a continuation of the Future Media Lab. interview series, we talk with Jean-Jacques Deleeuw, Head of New Media at RTL Belux (Luxembourg) about funding quality journalism in the future, and what the media landscape will look like in 2050.

17 Sep 13 0

In a continuation of our interview series, the Future Media Lab. sits down with Michiel Buitelaar, COO of Digital Media at Sanoma Media NL. Mr. Buitelaar also gave a keynote address at the “Understanding Disruption” conference in April 2013.

04 Sep 13 0

The Future Media Lab. had the opportunity to sit down with Kerstin Jorna, Director, DG MARKT at the European Commission during our last conference in April to discuss how disruptive technologies impact the media environment today and in the future.