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18 Mar 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Filip looks how new formats can boost engagement, why are publishers going native and pure digital,how Swedish publishers tackle adblocking and how will journalism look in the future

04 Mar 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Filip looks how media analytics slowly becomes the centerpiece of each newsroom and why publishers don't need just data, but next generation insight to grow and engage audiences.

19 Feb 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Filip looks how publishers cooperate to tackle adblocking, how Time Inc. and BuzzFeed see data and if messaging apps are the future of news

08 Jan 16 0

In the first edition of the Future Media Lab.'s news round-up for 2016, Filip examines the different initiatives launched by digital platforms, alternatives to ad-dependent business models for publishers, and the impact ad-blocking has had on the sector.

26 Nov 15 0

In this edition of the Future Media Lab. round-up, Filip Sevcic looks into adblocking, native advertising, media literacy, and audience engagement.

29 Jul 15 0

What are the latest emerging trends in advertising? At a time when TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet compete for ad revenues, which platform will come out on top in the future? The FIPP Insight Special Report: Global Digital Revenue Trends, published on 19 July and written by Martha L Stone (World Newsmedia Network), provides insight into facts and figures in advertising spend from a global perspective. Additionally, thanks to predictions from marketing and consulting agencies mentioned in the report, we can anticipate which way advertisement will in following years.

12 Mar 14 0

The Future Media Lab. talks to Audra Martin, Vice President Digital Advertising at the Economist, to discuss how social media impacts advertising strategies, the need to extend the relationship between the publisher and reader to online social spaces and how the continued rise of mobile alters consumers' expectations and behaviours.

25 Feb 14 0

In the run-up to the Future Media Lab.'s next workshop, which will take place as part of the Digital Innovators' Summit in March 2014, we sat down with the Director Advertising Research at IHS Technology, Daniel Knapp, to talk about innovations in social media and the impact on media advertising.

16 Jan 14 0

Julian Oliver, Secretary General, Fondation EurActiv PoliTech shares with us the challenges and opportunities facing quality journalism today.

08 Jan 14 0

In Nic Newman’s "Journalism Media and Technology Predictions 2014" (LINK) he made it very clear: good journalism creates value – and therefore has a future. Newman refers to Annalee Newitz, editor of the io9blog, who observed that users today like to share content that is unambiguous and straightforward.

18 Nov 13 0

During the “Understanding Disruption” conference in April 2013, the Future Media Lab. had the opportunity to sit down with Romanus Otte, General Manager, Welt Digital at Axel Springer (Germany) to discuss the emerging business models seen in the media sector today.