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02 Sep 16 0

Facebook replaced its trending editors with a new fully automated trending module last week. According to the Guardian, the team was fired without notice at a meeting with a security guard present, with four weeks’ severance. The move towards automation has so far turned out to be quite a disaster, as the new algorithm has pushed false, misspelled and obscene stories to the top of the trending list, resulting in a picture of a man masturbating with a chicken burger going viral. It would seem that in some cases the human brain can still do the job better than computer algorithms.

04 Mar 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Filip looks how media analytics slowly becomes the centerpiece of each newsroom and why publishers don't need just data, but next generation insight to grow and engage audiences.

17 Jan 16 0

Nic Newman, Researcher at Reuters Institute, discusses his predictions for journalism, technology and media in 2016. One of his key observations: audience engagement will be key this year.

14 May 14 0

The Future Media Lab. team talks with Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit, DG Connect at the European Commission about the role of the European Union when it comes to the future of journalistic content. Boix Alonso was a panelist a the Future Media Lab.'s annual conference in January 2014.

01 May 14 0

We have a new series for the Future Media Lab. blog! Every two weeks the Future Media Lab. team will share a round-up of articles about innovations and developments in the media sector, including references to relevant media policy debates.

28 Apr 14 0

Paul Lee, partner at Keystone Strategy, talked to us about the way technology has changed consumer behaviour based on his observations at Keystone, a consulting firm that develops innovative, data-driven strategies to create sustained improvement performance.

12 Mar 14 0

The Future Media Lab. talks to Audra Martin, Vice President Digital Advertising at the Economist, to discuss how social media impacts advertising strategies, the need to extend the relationship between the publisher and reader to online social spaces and how the continued rise of mobile alters consumers' expectations and behaviours.

29 Aug 13 0

The Future Media Lab. is excited to present a new feature on our website: our blog! We hope to use this platform to deliver creative content, present news and events, follow-up Future Media Lab. activities, and highlight submitted content from members in our network.