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24 Mar 17 0

Patrice Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer at the Media Development Investment Fund, shares his thoughts on how philanthropy can respond to the threats civic media faces today.

08 Jan 16 0

In the first edition of the Future Media Lab.'s news round-up for 2016, Filip examines the different initiatives launched by digital platforms, alternatives to ad-dependent business models for publishers, and the impact ad-blocking has had on the sector.

18 Aug 15 0

Want to learn about two examples of successful magazine marketing strategies? Check out the summary of two articles: the building of the brand ELLE and the New Yorker’s paid content approach. The first case study is a summary of an article written by François Coruzzi, the CEO of ELLE International Media Licenses at Lagardère Active, which was originally published in the 2014/2015 EMMA Magazine. The second, is a summary of an article from the FIPP Report Global Digital Revenue Trends 2015, written by Monica Ray, Executive Vice-President for Consumer Marketing at Condé Nast.

03 Aug 15 0

FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association, talks with Joe Ripp, Chairman and CEO of Time Inc. to discuss his optimism for the future.

14 May 14 0

The Future Media Lab. team talks with Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit, DG Connect at the European Commission about the role of the European Union when it comes to the future of journalistic content. Boix Alonso was a panelist a the Future Media Lab.'s annual conference in January 2014.

16 Jan 14 0

Julian Oliver, Secretary General, Fondation EurActiv PoliTech shares with us the challenges and opportunities facing quality journalism today.

08 Jan 14 0

In Nic Newman’s "Journalism Media and Technology Predictions 2014" (LINK) he made it very clear: good journalism creates value – and therefore has a future. Newman refers to Annalee Newitz, editor of the io9blog, who observed that users today like to share content that is unambiguous and straightforward.

18 Nov 13 0

During the “Understanding Disruption” conference in April 2013, the Future Media Lab. had the opportunity to sit down with Romanus Otte, General Manager, Welt Digital at Axel Springer (Germany) to discuss the emerging business models seen in the media sector today.

12 Nov 13 (Disabled)

During the "Understanding Disruption" conference in April 2013, the Future Media Lab. had the opportunity to sit down and talk about the future of media with William Higham, Consumer strategist, futurist and author. William is the managing director of The Next Big Thing, a forecasting and strategy consultancy in the UK.

30 Oct 13 0

Glenn Greenwald is leaving the Guardian this week to team up with documentarian/journalist Laura Poitras and journalist Jeremy Scahill in developing a new media venture -- one that could change how journalism is understood and practiced. While it isn't yet clear how this new venture will look, it has been described as a "very substantial new media outlet" and is reportedly being funded by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar.

15 Oct 13 0

In a continuation of the Future Media Lab. interview series, we talk with Jean-Jacques Deleeuw, Head of New Media at RTL Belux (Luxembourg) about funding quality journalism in the future, and what the media landscape will look like in 2050.

07 Oct 13 (Disabled)

How can professional quality journalism be financed in the future? The next Future Media Lab. conference will debate this crucial question that will tackle the business model question for media companies. How will journalism change thanks to innovation in technology and new trends in media consumption?

17 Sep 13 0

In a continuation of our interview series, the Future Media Lab. sits down with Michiel Buitelaar, COO of Digital Media at Sanoma Media NL. Mr. Buitelaar also gave a keynote address at the “Understanding Disruption” conference in April 2013.