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07 Apr 16 0

In the eighth edition of the recurring interview series, "In Touch with Innovation", the Future Media Lab. team talks to Toni Hopponen, Co-Founder and CEO of Flockler – a publishing platform with a social twist.

18 Mar 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Filip looks how new formats can boost engagement, why are publishers going native and pure digital,how Swedish publishers tackle adblocking and how will journalism look in the future

08 Jan 16 0

In the first edition of the Future Media Lab.'s news round-up for 2016, Filip examines the different initiatives launched by digital platforms, alternatives to ad-dependent business models for publishers, and the impact ad-blocking has had on the sector.

25 Sep 15 0

In a new article by Prof. Dr. Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam), the concerns and questions new information intermediaries bring to the table are explored, particularly in regards to the effect they have on media diversity. Additionally, Helberger looks into the regulatory options for safeguarding media pluralism and regulating these new gatekeepers, who are increasingly in control of consumer data.