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15 May 17 0

MEP Michal Boni shares a transcript of the introductory speech he gave to the World Café session at the 2017 Future Media Lab. annual conference, which took place in Brussels on 2 May.

27 Jul 16 0

On 1 July 2016, MEP Michal Boni (EPP/PL) gave the opening keynote address at the "(R)evolution of Europe's Press" conference in Wroclaw, Poland. The speech, in it's entirety, can be found here.

15 Jun 16 0

Max von Abendroth, Executive Director of EMMA and Founder of the Future Media Lab. explores the factors that are undermining the freedom of the press in Europe.

13 Apr 16 0

For the second year in a row, the Future Media Lab. is proud to support “Difference Day”, a celebration of journalism and freedom of expression organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bozar, iMinds and Evens Foundation.

15 May 14 0

The Future Media Lab. News Round-up continues, this week discussing the New York Times' innovation report, consuming news while on the go, and the link between curly fries and intelligence.

30 Oct 13 0

Glenn Greenwald is leaving the Guardian this week to team up with documentarian/journalist Laura Poitras and journalist Jeremy Scahill in developing a new media venture -- one that could change how journalism is understood and practiced. While it isn't yet clear how this new venture will look, it has been described as a "very substantial new media outlet" and is reportedly being funded by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar.

07 Oct 13 (Disabled)

How can professional quality journalism be financed in the future? The next Future Media Lab. conference will debate this crucial question that will tackle the business model question for media companies. How will journalism change thanks to innovation in technology and new trends in media consumption?