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22 Jun 17 0

The 2017 Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute offers some glimmers of hope that the news industry in Europe is beginning to move forward with new approaches and fresh thinking, says lead author Nic Newman.

28 Mar 17 0

Garrett Goodman, director of business development for EMEA at Wochit, catches up with Marc Pedeau, head of social media at to see how they work with social video.

07 Apr 16 0

In the eighth edition of the recurring interview series, "In Touch with Innovation", the Future Media Lab. team talks to Toni Hopponen, Co-Founder and CEO of Flockler – a publishing platform with a social twist.

31 Mar 16 0

In the seventh edition of the recurring interview series, "In Touch with Innovation", the Future Media Lab. team talks to Torsten Müller, Co-founder & CMO at Tame - a context search engine for the real-time web.

25 Feb 16 0

In this second edition of the weekly series "In Touch with Innovation" the Future Media Lab. team talks to Koen Stevens, founder of Bubobox in Belgium - a social ambassador marketing platform.

27 May 14 0

In an interview with Barry McIlheney, CEO of the Professional Publishers Association (UK), the Future Media Lab. hears that the claim that Europe's magazines are dying is far from the truth.

15 May 14 0

The Future Media Lab. News Round-up continues, this week discussing the New York Times' innovation report, consuming news while on the go, and the link between curly fries and intelligence.

01 May 14 0

We have a new series for the Future Media Lab. blog! Every two weeks the Future Media Lab. team will share a round-up of articles about innovations and developments in the media sector, including references to relevant media policy debates.

12 Mar 14 0

The Future Media Lab. talks to Audra Martin, Vice President Digital Advertising at the Economist, to discuss how social media impacts advertising strategies, the need to extend the relationship between the publisher and reader to online social spaces and how the continued rise of mobile alters consumers' expectations and behaviours.

25 Feb 14 0

In the run-up to the Future Media Lab.'s next workshop, which will take place as part of the Digital Innovators' Summit in March 2014, we sat down with the Director Advertising Research at IHS Technology, Daniel Knapp, to talk about innovations in social media and the impact on media advertising.