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22 Jun 17 0

The 2017 Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute offers some glimmers of hope that the news industry in Europe is beginning to move forward with new approaches and fresh thinking, says lead author Nic Newman.

06 Oct 16 0

The European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) published a report at today's European Media Freedom Conference in Leipzig, entitled “Securing Press Freedom across Europe” aimed as a call to action for Europe’s media sector in the light of recent regressions in Europe’s supposedly free press environment.

16 Sep 16 0

For the month of August, a number of non-subscription articles on the Financial Times website were displayed with a third of the words missing. This was done to illustrate the damage that ad-blocking does to the revenue of online publishers, the percentage of removed words representing the percentage of revenue lost by the company to ad-blockers. This innovative approach may have more impact than the messages used by a number of other publishers warning users of the threat posed by ad-blocking to online publishers, as only a small percentage of the general public is aware of this problem.

17 Jan 16 0

Nic Newman, Researcher at Reuters Institute, discusses his predictions for journalism, technology and media in 2016. One of his key observations: audience engagement will be key this year.