EMMA runs a number of Expert Groups tackling urgent issues that go to the heart of publishing businesses such as copyright, VAT and digital-related issues.

The Expert Groups, made up of relevant experts representing Europe’s magazine media, have become a valued forum for members. They allow members to improve their knowledge of relevant developments at EU-level, and also provide an opportunity for useful exchanges of information regarding national activities.

EMMA Working Groups


Chairman: Prof. Dr. Christoph Fiedler

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

EMMA’s Legal Affairs Committee (“LAC”) is made up of legal experts from EMMA’s national associations and corporate members. Our legal experts meet four times a year to discuss a range of EU legislative initiatives which are particularly relevant to publishers’ businesses. LAC is a valued forum for members to improve their knowledge of legislative developments at EU level, explain how proposed rules would impact their businesses, and exchange information about national developments. This input is vital for facilitating a constructive dialogue with EU policy and decision makers. In between meetings, EMMA keeps members up to date with developments and conference calls are organised to facilitate further discussion. Members also have the chance to reflect their particular concerns in EMMA position papers and responses to consultations on relevant topics that are under discussion at EU level. Key EU proposals under discussion over the last year include: the proposed Regulation on Data Protection; the proposed ‘Brussels I’ Regulation (adopted at the end of 2012); and the proposed Common European Sales Law Regulation.

LAC is chaired by Prof. Dr. Christoph Fiedler, Managing Director for European Affairs and Media Policy at VDZ, the German Magazine Publishers’ Association


Chairman: Yolanda Ausin

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie de Cordier

The Publishing and Advertising Committee ("PAC") is composed of representatives from all EMMA's national association members, as well as interested representatives from EMMA's corporate members. As the name suggests, advertising is at the core of PAC's discussions. The committee covers all proposals impacting advertising revenues, such as the introduction of mandatory information in advertising, as well as self-regulatory initiatives and proposals trying to regulate advertising content. However, many more issues are also tackled by this committee, including VAT, net neutrality, competition issues (e.g. Google) and media pluralism. PAC members meet four times a year, generally in Brussels, alongside the Legal Affairs Committee meetings and meetings of EMMA's Board. Members receive information on EU files impacting publishers, discuss positioning and arguments and also share knowledge and raise awareness of problems happening at national level. In between meetings, PAC members receive regular updates on the issues and are invited to give comments on draft position papers or answers to consultations in order to best reflect their national concerns in our EU papers.

The PAC is chaired by Yolanda Ausin, General Manager for ARI, the Spanish Magazine Association.


Chairman: Open positions

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

EMMA has a special task force dedicated to the topic of copyright, as this issue goes to the very heart of publishers' businesses. As the future of copyright law remains uncertain, and at a time when copyright infringements are becoming an increasing threat to copyright businesses, the work of the Copyright Task Force is vital. Made up of legal experts from EMMA's national associations and corporate members, the Task Force provides an important forum for members to keep abreast of the various copyright-related developments at EU level, to discuss how proposed rules would impact their businesses, and update each other on relevant national developments. The Task Force is also appreciated by our interlocutors from the EU Institutions, who are regularly invited to join part of our meetings, as our members are able to provide them with valuable first hand information regarding their publishing businesses. This, importantly, enables policy and decision makers to get a better understanding of how their initiatives would impact the sector. The Task Force normally meets twice a year in Brussels, with regular correspondence in between. Following the departure of the Copyright Task Force's former chair (Mark Millar from Future publishing in the UK), EMMA is now in the process of finding a replacement


Chairman: Marianne Berard-Quelint

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

EMMA's VAT Task Force was created in December 2010 when the European Commission announced the revision of the EU's current VAT Directive. The Task Force includes all EMMA members interested in VAT, both from national associations and from companies, who each bring added value to the discussion with their specific experience on this issue. The Task Force's objective is to prepare the necessary ground for a new VAT system reflecting publishers' needs, allowing Member States to apply reduced VAT rates to printed and digital magazines. The members therefore develop arguments, discuss advocacy options, gather statistics, coordinate awareness raising campaigns across the EU and share information about EU and national developments in the taxation field. Most meetings take place via webinar and are organised according to need. Given the level of activity on this topic in Brussels, this lively platform has been meeting at least four times a year. Furthermore, regular emails are used both to update participants on the latest development and gather further information on national perspectives.

The VAT Task Force is chaired by Marianne Berard-Quelin, who is Chairman, CEO and editor-in-chief of Societe Generale de Presse, a French B2B press company. Marianne is also Vice-President of the French Federation of the Specialised Press (FNPS), which is one of EMMA's national association members and Chairman of its Committee on European Affairs.

Publishing Online Group

Chairman: Claudio Giua

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

The Publishing Online Group (POG) is EMMA's platform for digital experts from member companies and associations. Members of POG learn about legislative initiatives affecting in particular the digital business of media companies. In return they feed into the advocacy work of EMMA with their digital expertise. This knowledge, together with the real life business cases provided, are used for position papers and in face-to-face meetings with key European policy makers and stakeholders. The work of this group allows EMMA to be an active and knowledgable contributor to debates on the digital future. POG initiated the Berlin Declaration on the future of the digital press .POG members meet up to four times per year in a webinar format and once or twice per year in person.

The Publishing Online Group is chaired by Claudio Giua, Development and Innovation Director of Gruppo Editoriale l'Espresso, Italy.


Chairman: Florian Nehm

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

The FIPP-EMMA Sustainability Task Force, which is the joint task force of the World Magazine Media Association and EMMA, gathers environmental experts from publishing companies and from national associations. Meetings are organised on an ad hoc basis, depending on EU activities in the field of environment and sustainability, and on member's need for information sharing. They take place either in person or virtually via webinars. This platform covers a wide range of issues, which are mostly legislative but can also relate to practical developments in the publishing value chain, voluntary environmental measures or international standards. In the focus of the discussion are methods to calculate the carbon footprint of publishing companies, recycling rates, timber imports and ISO standards. The Task Force provides for an important exchange as regards members' sustainability initiatives, allowing them to share best practice, knowledge and experience. The sometimes technical discussions also allow members to provide their expertise on the EU initiatives under discussion and to debate and develop the right approach for a sustainable and responsible publishing sector in Europe.

The FIPP-EMMA Sustainability Task Force is chaired by Florian Nehm, Head of Corporate Sustainability and EU Government Affairs of Axel Springer AG, one of Europe's leading multimedia corporations


Chairman: Xavier Bouckaert

EMMA Organizer: Joy de Looz-Corswarem and Marie De Cordier

The Corporate Advisory Group (CAG), which meets twice a year in Brussels, provides the opportunity for EMMA's Corporate Members to meet relevant politicians. CAG is an important task force which supports EMMA's advocacy work. CAG members meet all levels of EU policy and decision makers face-to-face and have the direct business expertise that is crucial to illustrate the potential impact of legislative initiatives on magazine businesses. The EMMA team sets up a series of meetings with key players in the European Commission and the European Parliament who are involved in policy initiatives that impact magazine publishing businesses. Publishers are briefed and accompanied to meetings by a member of the EMMA team and members have the opportunity to explain in detail the business impact of policy initiatives. At the same time, publishers get a deeper insight into the thinking of the European legislators in areas relevant to the future of their business.

The Chairman of CAG is Xavier Bouckaert, COO and Director Magazines of Roularta Media Group, Belgium. Xavier is also the president of the Belgian magazine association, the Ppress.