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EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association, represents Europe’s magazine media sector, which is enjoyed by millions of consumers on various platforms, encompassing both print and digital formats. EMMA represents 15,000 publishing houses, publishing 50,000 magazine titles across Europe in print and digital. For more information, visit www.magazinemedia.eu.

The president

Xavier Bouckaert is President of EMMA and has held the position since September 2017. Xavier has been actively involved in EMMA as the Chairman of its Corporate Advisory Group and as EMMA Board Member between 2013 and 2017. As a driver of change and innovation in his own media company, Mr. Bouckaert has also a deep knowledge of European politics.

Xavier has been CEO at Roularta Media Group IV since January 7, 2016. Before, he has been the Chief Operating Officer for Roularta Media Group NV since December 2009 and serves as Director of Magazines since 2009. Mr. Bouckaert joined RMG in 2005 as a Company Lawyer and Coordinator of Controlling. He is a Licentiate in Law and Civil-Law Notary.








EMMA represents the interests of:

  • Over 15,000 publishers of magazine media throughout Europe (the vast majority being small- and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Over 50,000 magazine titles in print and digital across Europe, reaching on average 80% of European adults
  • The 360 million Europeans who read magazines on a regular, consistent basis

Europe’s magazine sector:

  • Sells over 20 billion copies of magazines in Europe every year
  • Has combined annual revenues in excess of €40 billion
  • Employs nearly 200,000 EU citizens and a multiple of that figure is involved in the related advertising, distribution, printing, design and paper manufacturing industries

Press contact:

Marjolaine Detry

+32 2 536 06 00


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The Executive Director

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