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Since 2012 the Future Media Lab. is an open forum that brings together media professionals, tech innovators, journalists and policy makers to create a new level of knowledge and unique insights at the interface of media- and tech innovation and public policy.


12 Sep 17 0

The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog with a series of Q&A’s that were conducted with media start-ups from across Europe. In this edition, we spoke with George Bara, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Zetta Cloud in Romania. ZettaCloud provides digital investigation tool - called Trust Servista that automatically determines the origin and trustworthiness of online news stories called Trust Servista.

16 Aug 17 0

The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog by talking to Antoine Gounel, the founder of GraphyStories in Belgium. GraphyStories is a new and social media monitoring tool for brands and media publishers. In the last 6 months, the company was awarded as best Social media & influencer marketing technology by IAB France and became Technology Partner of Amazon AWS for its ability to manage cloud and big data infrastructure.

09 Aug 17 0

The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series by talking to Jeffrey Kofman, CEO and co-founder of Trint in the UK. Trint is the first software to use A.I. to transcribe audio/video recordings allowing users to quickly and affordably search, verify and trust the output.


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