European press publishers welcome the support of the European Parliament for reduced VAT rates for the digital press

Friday, June 02, 2017
Brussels, 2 June 2017

Press publishers across Europe welcome the broad support of the European Parliament towards the alignment of VAT rates for digital books, newspapers and periodicals, which came out of a vote during the mini plenary session in Brussels earlier this week.

Today, member states are able to apply zero, reduced or super-reduced VAT rates to the printed press, but must apply the standard VAT rates to digital content. This situation no longer reflects reality, as citizens are accessing their news today on all existing platforms. Reducing the VAT rates of digital newspapers and periodicals in all formats and on all platforms will allow for more investment in digital innovation and journalistic content, as well as lower the administrative burdens on Europe’s press.

EMMA has consistently advocated for the alignment of VAT rates for print and digital press products across Europe. We are watching with interest to see how this file develops, particularly in the context of the full review of the VAT system under the upcoming Estonian presidency.

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