AEMII – game-changing project presented at European Commission event

Monday, November 30, 2015
Brussels, 1 December 2015

Earlier today, EMMA presented the first structured collaboration project organised by Europe’s publishers at a European Commission event on “media and big data” in Brussels. The AEMII programme -- short for “Accelerating European Media Innovation and Insights” -- brings 12 publishers from 7 EU Member States together with leading technology innovators and policy advisors in the creation of a joint open innovation platform, run by EMMA’s Future Media Lab..

Europe’s media sector is currently under pressure: the transformation of markets requires high-speed innovation and new, global competition challenges the traditional business models of publishers. In this sense, the AEMII programme aims to unite the tech and media sectors in order to accelerate innovation and generate data insights at a level that can compete with global players acting on relevant markets. Essentially, AEMII helps regain control over the monetization of European media content.

Today, technology is capturing a significant part of the value of media content outside Europe and outside the media value chain. “This trend has the potential to undermine significantly the ability of media companies to monetize their content and invest in professional journalism” says EMMA’s Executive Director Max von Abendroth. “AEMII is a fundamental building block for maintaining a free, independent and diverse media landscape across Europe.”

AEMII will be a platform owned and driven by Europe’s media sector, with the aim to reduce costs and barriers to digital innovation, provide scale in the face of global competition and drive revenues back to media companies. Furthermore AEMII is guaranteeing a privacy compliant context for using 1st and 3rd party data.



For further information contact:

Max von Abendroth
EMMA Executive Director


+32 2 536 0607

AEMII Infographic