EMMA and ENPA press release on the open letter on e-Privacy

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


Cross-industry open letter on e-Privacy: “Europe Cannot Afford to Miss the Data Revolution”

Brussels, 7 March 2018 – EMMA and ENPA has joined more than 50 stakeholders from 19 different European countries from across industry sectors in co-signing an open letter to call for a review of the draft E-privacy regulation to the benefit of consumers, the businesses that serve them and to ensure a vibrant Digital Single Market for Europe and its citizens.

Today, EMMA President Xavier Bouckaert stated:this is a strong message the EU Institutions, particularly the European Parliament and the EU Member States who are the co-legislators that will determine the outcome of the e-Privacy regulation. An overwhelming and comprehensive number of key stakeholders are coming together to signal that Europe cannot afford to get this legislation wrong. It must be pragmatic and ensure that European press publishers and other businesses can participate in the data revolution and at the same time truly empower citizens when it comes to privacy, not just on the surface with solutions that will be disruptive for everyone.”

ENPA President Carlo Perrone stated “it is essential to highlight what is really at stake. In the digital sphere, press publishers must be able to keep financing professional journalism which is the only true solution to counter fake news. But also, it is indispensable for us to build trustful long-term relationships directly with our readers. The current e-Privacy proposal would impair us in both of these aspects by cutting our ties with readers and placing management of all privacy in the custody of browsers and making it legally unmanageable to use cookies on our websites.”

Considering the future large scale effects of the e-Privacy regulation on activity sectors across the board, EMMA and ENPA call on the EU Institutions to reconsider the proposals on the table and to follow an approach that will ensure a just and fair level playing field for the entire digital eco-system.

The signatories of the open letter:

  • AIKAKAUSMEDIA (The Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association, Finland)
  • ALEJ (Association Luxembourgeoise des Editeurs de Journaux, Luxembourg)
  • ARI (Asociacion de Revistas de Information, Spain)
  • Asociacia Vydavatel’ov Tlace (The Slovak Press Publishers’ Association, Slovakia)
  • Associaçao Portuguesa de Imprensa (Portuguese Press Association, Portugal)
  • Athens Daily Newspaper Publishers Association (Greece)
  • BDZV (Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers, Germany)
  • BFM TV (France)
  • Bouygues Telecom (France)
  • CEPI (European Coordination of Independent TV Producers, Belgium)
  • Criteo (France)
  • Danske Medier (The Association of Danish Media, Denmark)
  • Deutsche Startups (Germany)
  • EMMA (European Magazine Media Association, Brussels)
  • ENPA (European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, Brussels)
  • EPC (European Publishers Council, Brussels)
  • European Startup Network (Brussels)
  • Fédération Française des Télécoms (France)
  • FIEG (Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali, Italy)
  • FNPS (Fédération Nationale de la Presse d’Information Spécialisée, France)
  • France Digitale (France)
  • GESTE (France)
  • Gravity (France)
  • IAB Europe (Brussels)
  • IAB France (France)
  • Izba Wyadawcow Prasy (Polish Chamber of Press Publishers, Poland)
  • Internet Economy Foundation (Germany)
  • LAPRESSE.be (Alliance des medias d’information, Belgium)
  • Magazines Ireland (Ireland)
  • MMA (Magazine Media Association, The Netherlands)
  • Orange (France)
  • PMP (Plataforma de Media Privados, Portugal)
  • PPA (The Professional Publishers Association, UK)
  • SEPM (Syndicat des Editeurs de Presse Magazine, France)
  • SFR (France)
  • SPECT (Syndicat des Producteurs et créateurs de programmes audiovisuels, France)
  • SNPTV (Syndicat National de la Publicité Télévisée, France)
  • SPQN (Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Nationale, France)
  • SRI (Syndicat des Régies Internet, France)
  • Startup Belgium (Belgium)
  • Startup Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • Sveriges Tidskrifter (Swedish Magazine Publishers Association, Sweden)
  • Teads (Luxembourg)
  • TF1 (France)
  • The Ppress (The Belgium Periodical Press, Belgium)
  • Unie Vydavatelu (Czech Publishers’ Association, Czech Republic)
  • Union of Publishers in Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • UPP (Union des éditeurs de la Presse Périodique, Belgium)
  • UPREG (Union de la Presse en Région, France)
  • VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers, Germany)
  • Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (Swiss Media, Switzerland)
  • Webedia (France)
  • Zalando (Germany)


ENPA is an international non-profit organisation representing publishers of newspaper and news media on all platforms. ENPA is working on a number of areas of European policy and legislation which are essential for the effective day-to-day running of operations of local, regional and national newspapers. In a rapidly changing media environment, ENPA supports publishers with the aim of achieving a successful and sustainable future for independent news media in Europe. See www.enpa.eu

EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association, is the unique and complete representation of Europe’s magazine media, which is today enjoyed by millions of consumers on various platforms, encompassing both paper and digital formats. EMMA represents 15,000 publishing houses, publishing 50,000 magazine titles across Europe in print and digital. See www.magazinemedia.eu

Contact: Marie de CORDIER - Marie.DeCordier@magazinemedia.eu/ marie.decordier@enpa.eu

Read the open letter here

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