European press publishers applaud MEP support of the press publisher’s right in the IMCO Committee

On 8 June, the committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) has voted on the proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.European Press publishers represented by ENPA and EMMA applauds the decision made by the IMCO committee to reject the compromise amendments of rapporteur Mrs. Stihler (UK; Socialist).

The rapporteur in IMCO was calling for deletion of Article 11 on the press publishers’ right, which would have been highly detrimental to publishers’ investments in journalism but would also seriously prevented individual citizens to continue benefiting from a diverse and pluralistic press content.

The result of this vote means that the wording of article 11 remains as it is now in the European Commission’s draft proposal. By keeping the press publisher’s right and not accepting Mrs. Sithler’s position, MEPs recognise the important role that the free and independent press plays in our open and democratic societies. They give a very important signal on the need to ensure a sustainable and pluralistic press sector in Europe.

The IMCO Committee is the first of five committees to vote on the European Commission’s proposal and it has a shared competence with the lead Committee (JURI). The other committees are scheduled to vote as follows: CULT will vote 21 June; LIBE on 29 June (though not on the publisher’s right); ITRE on 10/11 July, and the final vote in JURI is scheduled to take place on 28 September.


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