The European Parliament adopts its report on the EMFA: Further improvements must be achieved in trilogues

The European press publishers' associations EMMA and ENPA acknowledge today's vote in the European Parliament on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). The core objective of EMMA and ENPA is to protect press and media freedom and pluralism in the EU and to promote an environment in which the free press can flourish and develop – both online and offline. In this respect, the European Parliament's report has brought improvements towards these goals. Nevertheless, several shortcomings remain that need to be addressed during the trilogue negotiations in order for the EMFA to effectively strengthen the media, to protect its freedom while avoiding unnecessarily interfering in functioning systems in Member States.

MEPs: Media sector calls on you to support the CULT compromise package in EMFA plenary vote

On 3 October, the European Parliament will vote on its position on the European Media Freedom Act. Ahead of the vote, the undersigned associations representing all actors in the media sector, both commercial and public media, ranging from press and radio to audiovisual media, would like to thank the rapporteur and shadows from the leading Culture and Education Committee (CULT) as well as from the associated LIBE and IMCO committees for all their work on this file.

Press publishers support the joint effort to maintain Article 17 EMFA

Ahead of the European Parliament Plenary vote on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), EMMA and ENPA joined other media and journalists’ and media workers’ organisations in a call to maintain Article 17 of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) in Plenary.

Global AI Principles

Global Publishing and Journalism Organizations Unite to Release Comprehensive Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

European press publishers’ open letter “EMFA must live up to its name”

EMMA and ENPA support the open letter from hundreds of European press publishers of all sizes, press titles and press associations from across Europe to send to EU Member States a clear and strong political message at a critical juncture in the negotiations on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA).

PRESS RELEASE EMFA: Council General Approach does not fully address publishers’ concerns

In light of today’s adoption of the Council’s negotiating mandate (“General Approach”) on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), EMMA and ENPA, representing the vast majority of European publishers, regret that Member States have chosen to endorse a rushed compromise that both oversteps EU competences under the treaties while lacking ambition when it comes to very large platforms’ and search engines’ interference with legal media content and on shielding media companies from political interference.

European press publishers regret unsatisfactory outcome on e-Evidence

EMMA and ENPA take note of the adoption of the e-Evidence Regulation by the European Parliament during the current Plenary session. After working on this file directly as well as with a coalition with other media, journalists, and fundamental rights’ associations, we regret that the final text does not provide adequate guarantees of the protection of journalists, journalistic sources and editorial secrecy, which are preconditions of press freedom.

European press publishers call on Czech government to refrain from raising VAT rates of press publications

The European Newspaper Publishers‘ Association (ENPA) and the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA), which represent the national associations of publishers in the majority of Member States of the European Union would like to express their concern about the news that the government of the Czech Republic intends to increase the VAT rate on the sale of print from the current rate of 10% to 21% for dailies and 12% for magazines as part of measures to improve State finances. At the same time, however, the government wants to reduce the VAT rate for the sale of books to 0 %.

Press publishers support the joint effort to strengthen Art. 4 EMFA

Ahead of the 2023 World Press Freedom Day, EMMA and ENPA joined other media, journalists and media workers organisations in calling for a stronger protection of journalists and journalistic sources in Article 4 of the proposed European Media Freedom Act (EMFA).

European press publishers denounce the historical threat to press freedom in the proposal for a “Media Freedom Act”

In light of the published proposal of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), EMMA and ENPA note with dismay that the European Commission chose to move forward with a proposal that undermines core principles of press freedom, while not taken into consideration the fundamental concerns raised by press publishers.

European press publishers call on the European Commission not to adopt “Media Unfreedom Act”

With the publication of an undated draft proposal of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), EMMA and ENPA find themselves in the surprising and worrisome position to see that the European Commission plans to undermine the core of press freedom. We deeply regret this threat for press and media freedom and call on the Commission not to adopt the proposal in its upcoming meeting, as in its current version the draft is a “Media Unfreedom Act”, an affront to the core values of the European Union and democracy.

EMMA and ENPA regret that the adopted Digital Services Act (DSA) will weaken freedom of the press online

European press publishers represented by the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) and the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) are concerned that the lack of a robust fundamental rights safeguard in the the Digital Services Act adopted today by the European Parliament will have a worrisome impact on press freedom in an increasingly digital world. During the legislative process, we have repeatedly reiterated the need for the legal content of the free press to be protected against the arbitrary interference of the very large online platforms. Although the text attempted a reference to freedom of the press, this safeguard is insufficient.

European press publishers welcome the adoption of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) but call for robust and swift enforcement

European press publishers represented by the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) and the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) welcome today’s adoption of the Digital Markets Act in the European Parliament. The newly adopted obligations of fair and non-discriminatory access to the services of the gatekeeper’s search engines and social media and AppStores will help ascertain the unhindered access of the free press to the digital sphere. European press publishers reiterate the importance of a solid enforcement framework in establishing a successful and ambitious DMA.

Strengthened Code of Practice against Disinformation threatens freedom of expression

EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association and ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, have taken note with great concern of the strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation published today. At a time when large online platforms play a critical part for the distribution of press content and the formation of public opinion, it is critical that all legal publications can be visible and accessible online. Any interference in the free distribution of media content online, especially on those critical platforms, would dramatically affect the diversity of information citizens can access online and jeopardise the financing of the press sector, leading to a decrease in media pluralism.

“The European Union should be a beacon of press freedom in the World”

On World Press Freedom Day, European press publishers warn against interference with the freedom and pluralism of the media
On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, while Europe is in turmoil over an ongoing global pandemic and a war of aggression on our continent, EMMA and ENPA remind the importance of our fundamental rights and values as guiding principles for the European Union and warn against any interference with the freedom of the press, editorial freedom and freedom of expression, whether offline or online.

European press publishers have high expectations on the Digital Markets Act to contribute to the sustainability of independent, vibrant and innovative media in Europe

EMMA and ENPA, which together speak on behalf of European press publishers with over 50.000 magazine and newspaper titles (online and in print) as well as 20 corporate media groups, welcome yesterday’s provisional agreement on the much anticipated Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will be of crucial importance to restore fair competition on digital markets. In particular, the associations welcome the agreement to extend the obligation to apply fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory access conditions to their business users to the gatekeeper search engines and social networks.