European press publishers warn that Google’s new “News Showcase Service” is anti-competitive

EMMA and ENPA have taken note of Google’s announcement of the launch of its «News Showcase Service.»

The fact that Google announces it is ready in principle to pay for the use of press content remains contradictory to its actual behaviour when it comes to implementing regulation for the protection of press content in Europe and elsewhere. In France Google has refused to negotiate in good faith with press publishers on the EU press publishers’ right. In Australia it has also publicly opposed the mandatory code of conduct governing the relationship between digital platforms and media companies.

A free and sustainable press sector is key for the future of Europe. The press needs robust rights that cannot be bypassed by mega-platforms via fig leaf campaigns. Giving preference to individual offers in the listing remains anti-competitive and problematic behaviour. A behaviour of digital feudalism will only undermine a diverse digital ecosystem.

Ilias Konteas, Executive Director of EMMA and ENPA said: "Today’s announcement by Google reinforces our demand to the EU regulator for an ex-ante asymmetrical regulation for market dominant gatekeeping platforms with non-discriminatory access of all legal publications and offerings to the mega-platforms, as well as a prohibition of self-preferencing and undue hindering. We will be monitoring closely the new service."


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