Make or break time for Europe’s magazine media ahead of key EU proposals

Magazine Publishers across Europe today emphasised that upcoming EU initiatives could either help make or break their businesses, in particular the digital offerings that have resulted from hundreds of millions of euros of investment, as they re-launched their European representation (FAEP) as the European Magazine Media Association: EMMA.

EMMA’s mission is "to promote and protect the interests of publishers of magazine media within the European Union, thus ensuring the long-term survival and prosperity of a plural, diverse and economically successful magazine media in the EU." said EMMA Chairman David J. Hanger . EMMA continues to see print media as a core business, but will shape increasingly the digital environment in order to become an attractive platform for professional, journalistic content.

While there are around 40 relevant policy and legislative initiatives at EU-level that EMMA is currently following, a few are cause for particular concern given that they could end up making or breaking businesses. For example, the upcoming Commission proposal to change the current European data protection rules is key to the future of both the print as well as digital press. It is also crucial that new VAT rules, currently under discussion, will extend the reduced VAT rates currently applied to the printed press to the digital content now provided on a range of platforms. This would clearly benefit consumers, as well as boosting digital businesses.

EMMA Chairman David J. Hanger: "As readers’ needs change, and society changes, so does the magazine media.” And he adds: “Dedicated to providing readers with reliable and quality journalism not just in print but also on all types of devices, publishers of magazine media are investing hundreds of millions of Euros in developing digital content offerings thus fostering the role of the technologically neutral press in a democratic society. A ubiquitous press is a prerequisite to building viable business models and address new audiences.”

Executive Director Max von Abendroth about the role of EMMA: "We aim to make politicians better understand the key requirements for maintaining a vibrant and independent multi-platform magazine media across Europe, essential for any democracy and the well-being of society.”

Dr. Christoph Fiedler, Chairman of EMMA’s Legal Affairs Committee states: “There should be no further legal obstacles to the press performing its important role in society. Any additional restrictions in the fields of advertising, distribution or other areas affecting the digital or printed press would result in reducing the ability to invest in quality editorial output and restricting diversity of media content.”

Policy initiatives such as the “Berlin Declaration on the future of the digital press” ( ) will remain high up on the agenda of EMMA and contribute in a constructive manner to the European media and digital policy work of the European institutions.

The European Magazine Media Association, represents 15.000 magazine publishers across Europe, publishing 50.000 consumer and B2B magazine titles, reaching 360 million European readers.

Contact at EMMA:

Max von Abendroth

+32 2 536 06 04


The European Magazine Media Association, is the unique and complete representation of Europe’s magazine media, which is today enjoyed by millions of consumers on various platforms, encompassing both paper and digital formats.

The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) is the largest representative body of newspaper publishers across Europe. ENPA advocates for 14 national associations across 14 European countries, and is a principal interlocutor to the EU institutions and a key driver of media policy debates in the European Union.