Publishers across Europe explain why a publisher's right is essential for their businesses

The proposal by the European Commission to include publishers as rights holders under the EU copyright framework is an historically important step and the necessary precondition for guaranteeing media pluralism as an essential basis for freedom of opinion and democracy in the digital world. Today, European newspaper and magazine publishers are reaching more consumers than ever before, but in spite of investing heavily in adapting their businesses to the realities of the digital environment, publishers still don't have an adequate way to protect their investments.

To remain competitive and independently financed, Europe’s publishers need to be able to compete on all platforms. Whilst publishers have successfully transitioned from analogue to digital, they will only reach their potential with an appropriate and updated legal framework that addresses the complexities of online copyright and licensing and gives publishers the legal resource to protect their investment in the original, professional content that underpins the freedom of the press and democracy.

What publishers need is a new “publishers’ right” granting publishers the legal protection and clarity already afforded to broadcasters and film and music producers. Listen to what publishers across Europe say about the publishers' right, and how it is crucial for their businesses by visiting


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