Upday reaches agreement with Spanish reproductive rights centre to pay for aggregated news

Last week, Upday, a news aggregator app launched by German publishing house Axel Springer, reached a compensation agreement with CEDRO (Centro Español de Derechos Reprograficos - Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre) to pay ancillary copyright fees for snippets of news stories used in the app.   

Upday, which was born out of a strategic partnership between Axel Springer and Samsung, is a pre-installed app offered on Samsung mobile devices that selects and aggregates news based on the interests of its users. It was launched in Spain earlier this year, and is the first company to reach an agreement with CEDRO following the introduction of the Spanish law on ancillary copyright in 2015.

Under article 32.2 of the Spanish Law on Intellectual Property (Ley de Propriedad Intelectual, 2015), the aggregation of fragments of non-relevant digital content – generally considered “snippets”, which include the headline and lead paragraph of the article – do not need authorization from rightsholders, but do require the payment of compensation through CEDRO.

After a series of discussions between CEDRO and Upday, both entities settled for a compensation that can safeguard the interests of each party. According to Jorge Corrales, director of CEDRO, Upday is the first company that has developed a business model that takes into consideration the compensation of intellectual property rights in Spain, a fact that will undoubtedly influence Spanish public opinion on the issue. This also shows that protective legal frameworks can work together with market interests without hindering the possibility of new business models to continue their activity.


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