Press publishers support the joint effort to strengthen Art. 4 EMFA


Ahead of the 2023 World Press Freedom Day, EMMA and ENPA joined other media, journalists and media workers organisations in calling for a stronger protection of journalists and journalistic sources in Article 4 of the proposed European Media Freedom Act (EMFA).

The protection of journalists and journalistic sources and safeguards against political interferences are crucial components of press freedom and the precondition for the free press to contribute to a pluralistic and critical democratic debate. While the objectives of Article 4 EMFA are commendable, its wording must be clarified and reinforced to effectively ensure journalists’ protection, at least up to the existing standards of the European Convention on Human Rights. Press publishers are fully committed to this joint effort for press and media freedom and call for it to be considered as a redline that should not preclude broader safeguards, including the extension of protection from potential EU interferences.

Ilias Konteas, Executive Director of EMMA - ENPA said: “Journalists do the unvaluable work of keeping the political power accountable. As the EMFA acknowledges that external attempts to interfere with journalistic work are not only possible but a reality, we call for protection against political pressure, forced disclosure of sources and the use of spyware to encompass all possible risk situations.”


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