Strengthened Code of Practice against Disinformation threatens freedom of expression

EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association and ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, have taken note with great concern of the strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation published today. At a time when large online platforms play a critical part for the distribution of press content and the formation of public opinion, it is critical that all legal publications can be visible and accessible online. Any interference in the free distribution of media content online, especially on those critical platforms, would dramatically affect the diversity of information citizens can access online and jeopardise the financing of the press sector, leading to a decrease in media pluralism.

“The European Union should be a beacon of press freedom in the World”

On World Press Freedom Day, European press publishers warn against interference with the freedom and pluralism of the media
On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, while Europe is in turmoil over an ongoing global pandemic and a war of aggression on our continent, EMMA and ENPA remind the importance of our fundamental rights and values as guiding principles for the European Union and warn against any interference with the freedom of the press, editorial freedom and freedom of expression, whether offline or online.

European press publishers have high expectations on the Digital Markets Act to contribute to the sustainability of independent, vibrant and innovative media in Europe

EMMA and ENPA, which together speak on behalf of European press publishers with over 50.000 magazine and newspaper titles (online and in print) as well as 20 corporate media groups, welcome yesterday’s provisional agreement on the much anticipated Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will be of crucial importance to restore fair competition on digital markets. In particular, the associations welcome the agreement to extend the obligation to apply fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory access conditions to their business users to the gatekeeper search engines and social networks.

European press publishers appeal for freedom of expression and freedom and pluralism of the media to be safeguarded in the upcoming trilogue negotiations on the EU’s Digital Services Act

Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its report on the EU’s Digital Services Act in plenary. Contrary to the opinions of the Committees on Culture and Education (CULT), Industry, Research and Education (ITRE) and the Legal Committee (JURI), the responsible committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) decided not to include in the Digital Services Act (DSA), a provision that would shed journalistic and editorial media from being unduly deleted from very large online platforms. The European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) and the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) recognise the fact that the general provision adopted today which binds the terms and conditions of online platforms to comply with fundamental rights,is better than nothing. We are grateful to all leaders and policy makers that have fought for the safeguard of digital press freedom.

The Digital Services Act must safeguard freedom of expression online

Imagine a world where platforms can censor negative news about themselves, where they can make arbitrary adjustments to their terms and conditions to block or remove news stories and real debate between citizens online is curtailed. This is what could happen if platforms are not obliged to respect European fundamental rights in the Digital Services Act (DSA).


Today, EU Ministers adopted the Council’s General Approach on the Digital Services Act (DSA). European media associations, including the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA), the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA), the European Publishers Council (EPC) and News Media Europe (NME), take note of the General Approach and acknowledge Member States’ efforts to provide digital players with clear rules as soon as possible while ensuring that smaller online platforms are not overburdened with disproportionate due diligence obligations.


The European media sector, through the voice of public and commercial broadcasters, radios and the press, acknowledges the General Approach adopted by the Council of the European Union on the Digital Markets Act (“DMA”). This step forward reflects the political consensus across Member States that swift action is required to rebalance the digital competitive environment in order to preserve a diverse, vivid and innovative media landscape.

Open call on EU Member States not to adopt the DMA unless significant shortcomings that will only protect Google and Facebook are addressed.

EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association, and ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers Association, speak on behalf of European press publishers publishing over 50.000 magazine and newspaper titles (online and in print) as well as 20 corporate media groups.

Compendium of possible fundamental rights infringements caused by the e-Evidence proposal

EMMA and ENPA have worked with 12 other associations to produce a compendium of examples of how the e-Evidence regulation proposal currently being discussed in trilogues represents a threat to fundamental rights. In particular, the lack of involvement of judicial authorities in the receiving Member States in case of cross-border criminal investigation deprives journalists of the necessary procedural safeguards regarding the confidentiality of their communications. As such, the proposal puts freedom of expression at risk and could have a chilling effect on the press.

Europe’s masterplan to regulate digital gatekeeper platforms should not become an empty promise

Tomorrow’s European Council must not give the green light to a “Digital Markets Act” that fails to rein in the digital gatekeeper platforms. Or Europe will remain unfit for the digital age.
In view of the European Council on the 21-22 October, EMMA and ENPA call upon the heads of state and government of the European Union not to give their go-ahead to a “Digital Markets Act” that does not meet the requirements of finally curtailing the power of digital gatekeepers.

European press publishers call for swift adoption of the Italian implementation of the publishers’ right including an arbitration mechanism

ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association and EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association strongly support the Italian transposition legislation of the Directive on Copyright Digital Single Market (2019/790) which is currently being examined by the national Parliament.


The envisaged Digital Markets Act (DMA) risks creating an information monopoly of the gatekeeper platforms
Media pluralism and the editorial diversity of newspapers and magazines are a precondition for an independent and pluralistic formation of opinion in the European Union. Ensuring accessibility and visibility for the full diversity of editorial offerings is absolutely necessary, EMMA & ENPA want to recall on the occasion of the World News Day.

EMMA & ENPA welcome joint call of Media Associations across the American Continent for Fair Remuneration of the Press

Eighteen trade associations representing more than 40,000 news publishers from North and South America - including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina - made this week a joint call for coherent approaches at a global level to enforce a right that is based on copyright and antitrust regulations.

European press publishers welcome the decision by the French competition authority forcing Google to remunerate newspaper and magazine publishers for the use of their content

In the context of the implementation of the publishers’ right in France, the Autorité de la concurrenceimposed on Google a sanction of EUR 500 million for disregarding several injunctions issued in its decision of April 2020 relating to requests for precautionary measures presented by the Syndicat des éditeurs de la presse magazine or SEPM (EMMA member) and the l'Alliance de la presse d'information Générale or APIG(ENPA member).

EMMA&ENPA welcome Europe’s media sector’s joint statement to protect media freedom & editorial content, but call for the exclusion of all platforms owned by media organisations from the disproportionate due diligence obligations in the DSA

EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association and ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association welcome the joint industry statement of Europe’s media sector on the Digital Services Act (DSA).